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If previous generations of a household have worked – or are still working – in the construction industry, the chances are some or all of the following generations will do the same. It’s a trade that encourages families to continue on the company name with a number of on-site apprentices related to older colleagues.

Our instructors at London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd see this a lot when facilitating courses in North London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and on-site nationwide. Regardless of the course provided – health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork, or our tool and plant operator courses – quite a few first generation tradespeople attend to refresh their skills whilst the second generation are seeking initial qualifications.

Did You Know?

There is an overall level of job satisfaction throughout the construction industry with a high rate of workers admitting they would recommend their chosen profession to the younger generations. Without these key players, nothing would be built so they are of vital importance to their employers, the public, and the economy as a whole.

Not everyone is suited to an office job. Creating something from scratch can be tremendously fulfilling, and being part of a construction project can produce a personal feeling of satisfaction which, in turn, promotes positive mental health.

The Correct Training Procedures

Time-served training was the method used in the past but legislation requires all those working in the construction industry to hold the relevant qualifications for their trade. And that’s where we come in. London & Kent Safety Training covers a wide range of commercial training, including EUSR, streetwork, tool and plant operator, and health and safety training courses. Our services are available on-site nationwide, or in North London, Essex, Kent and Surrey.

The following are some of the reasons why the correct methods of training are essential:

  • ‍Access to construction sites is limited if the operative doesn’t hold the relevant documentation
  • ‍The individual can learn about changes in legislation and improvements in technology
  • ‍New construction workers won’t develop any ‘bad habits’ that the previous generations could possibly take for granted
  • ‍Qualifications, along with time-served experience, may encourage the next generation operatives to start their own businesses or develop their trades further
  • ‍By participating in our various training courses, future employers and employers, or potential business partners, have the opportunity to meet


Please contact us at London & Kent Safety Training for more details about our wide range of courses. We offer intensive streetwork, EUSR, tool and plant operator, and health and safety training courses to commercial sector workers in North London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide. With 100+ years’ combined experience in the areas of instruction and learning, our qualified staff are on hand to provide guidance and training to the future generations of the commercial industry’s employers and operatives.

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Our health and safety, plant operator, streetwork and EUSR courses are updated regularly to remain in line with current accreditations. If required, and depending on location and travel, London & Kent Safety Training’s qualified instructors can facilitate training courses quickly but we do not conduct an emergency service.

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