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We may think our education stops once we leave school but, in fact, we never cease learning. As the saying goes, we learn something new every day. It might be a minor fact but it’s one we didn’t know yesterday.

At London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd, we’re passionate about education and learning. Our dedicated staff share over a century’s combined experience in these areas and still continue to learn as the courses we teach are updated in accordance with legislation and various technological improvements.

We provide health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork and plant operator courses for those working in the commercial sectors. Our courses are available in London, Essex, Kent and Surrey, or on-site nationwide.

Why Upskill?

There are various reasons to upskill which are outlined below:

Increase Employability
A potential employer will select the candidate who possesses both experience and a more comprehensive skillset. Experience can only be achieved over time; you can’t rush it. Taking the opportunity to upskill in your preferred area of employment, however, will show your enthusiasm and initiative – a positive tick for future employers.

Promote Job Security
It’s not a definite guarantee, but upskilling can help secure your position in the long term. By training with us at London & Kent Safety Training, you’re promoting your abilities to improve productivity and, as a result, remain a key player in your area of employment.

Alternative Possibilities
By attending any of our health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork or plant operator courses in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, or nationwide, you may find yourself considering a change of career. Please talk to us for more information about further training and potential opportunities.

Updating Your CV and Documentation
If you decide to change careers – thanks to our in-house or on-site training courses – the additional qualifications earned through us will appeal to potential employers, as the relevant documentation required for working in the commercial sectors will be completely up-to-date.

Sometimes we find ourselves in jobs that prevent communication with others due to the nature of the work. And, due to so many people working from home these days, our methods of meeting others are limited to telephones and computer screens. Our in-house training encourages individuals to interact. You could meet a new friend, business partner or employer – you never know.

To promote health and safety or instruct individuals on new technological breakthroughs, for example, some courses must be successfully completed in order to ensure access to specific work areas.

Serving London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and the surrounding areas, London & Kent Safety Training provides extensive courses to those in the commercial sectors, including health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork, and plant operator courses. Our trained staff are on hand to help individuals upskill and develop new talents in their chosen fields.

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Our health and safety, plant operator, streetwork and EUSR courses are updated regularly to remain in line with current accreditations. If required, and depending on location and travel, London & Kent Safety Training’s qualified instructors can facilitate training courses quickly but we do not conduct an emergency service.

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