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When planning training for staff, you can choose for the course to be conducted on-site or off-site. If you have the facilities, we recommend on-site training. This is what we specialise in at London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd. We conduct on-site health and safety training courses, plant operator courses, streetwork courses and EUSR courses in Sussex and across the UK.

Below, we look at the benefits of on-site training:

Easier Travel

If you choose to conduct training at a centre or hired venue, the site might be far from your workplace and employees’ homes. This can make it difficult for people to get there and it could make staff feel less than enthusiastic about safety training courses.

However, with on-site plant operator courses, EUSR courses, streetwork courses and other on-site training courses, there is no change to employees’ travel schedules. This makes it easier for them and helps ensure everyone will be on time.

Lower Costs

Off-site health and safety training courses in Sussex, or other off-site courses, may result in higher travel costs for employees. Alternatively, the company may have to pay for everyone’s travel. Consequently, on-site courses can save money.

Furthermore, you will not have to pay for a venue, catering or extra equipment.

Adaptable Courses

On-site training allows your team to train in their normal day-to-day environment. This enables the course operator to adapt training to your workplace and operations, and staff can see more easily how training can transfer into their everyday work practices.

Easier Organisation

Some companies in Sussex dread training such as EUSR courses, streetwork courses and plant operator courses because they think it means a lot of stressful organisation. However, when you choose on-site training, you can enjoy a much easier organisation process.

You simply schedule the training date, or dates, and let employees know about the training. Of course, you may need to sort out work schedules around downtime for training, but other than that, on-site courses, including health and safety training courses, are a breeze to organise.

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Our health and safety, plant operator, streetwork and EUSR courses are updated regularly to remain in line with current accreditations. If required, and depending on location and travel, London & Kent Safety Training’s qualified instructors can facilitate training courses quickly but we do not conduct an emergency service.

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