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At London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd, we provide training courses for a large number of apprentices and younger construction workers, preparing them for a wide variety of roles within the commercial industry. Regardless of what area they wish to work in – construction, haulage, industrial, plant, transport, utilities or warehouse – our EUSR, streetwork, plant operator and health and safety training courses will provide them with the knowledge and skills they require.

These courses are available in West London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and on-site nationwide, giving employers the option of having our instructors travel to them instead of vice versa.

Apprentice Benefits

Not everyone is destined for university; some of us are more hands-on and would prefer the option of working outdoors or within the commercial industry.

Why not consider the following and see if an apprenticeship would suit you?

  • With an apprenticeship, you have the opportunity to learn on-site and with us at London & Kent Safety Training, simultaneously developing your skills manually and practically
  • Earning whilst learning, you’re improving your employability all the time, making you a potential asset to future employers going forward
  • By receiving the same benefits as your fellow colleagues, you’re instantly in an occupational mind frame, knowing you’re working your way up the ladder in a company that’s providing you with a job and an education
  • Younger generations are more understanding of modern technology, making them invaluable to employers who wish to modernise their company with new innovations


The majority of employers in the commercial industry find taking on apprentices boosts their productivity so that is an added bonus all round.

Employer Benefits

The following advantages arise from taking on an apprentice in the workplace:

  • You’re providing a future for someone within the commercial industry, offering them the opportunity to learn with us at any of our West London, Essex, Kent or Surrey locations
  • By taking on apprentices and providing access to our health and safety training, EUSR, plant operator and streetwork courses, you’re improving your company’s image as a reputable employer
  • Younger generations are more tech-savvy, which can potentially save your company time or money
  • Whilst gaining experience alongside proficient operatives, and learning through the courses provided by our qualified instructors, apprentices are already capable of handling physical tasks, leaving the more knowledgeable staff to conduct jobs that require concentration or a certain skillset


Serving West London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and nationwide, London & Kent Safety Training is your one-stop shop for all commercial training needs. Our health and safety training, EUSR, plant operator and streetwork courses are highly regarded in the industry and our success rate is exceptional. Please contact us in Aylesford for further information or click onto the relevant course pages.

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London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd holds the appropriate public and employers’ liability insurance for our area of expertise, and we are also members of the following organisations:


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Our health and safety, plant operator, streetwork and EUSR courses are updated regularly to remain in line with current accreditations. If required, and depending on location and travel, London & Kent Safety Training’s qualified instructors can facilitate training courses quickly but we do not conduct an emergency service.

To find out more about the range of training courses we offer, get in touch