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According to HSE statistics, the majority of individuals killed or seriously injured at work in 2020/2021 were employed in the construction industry. Their untimely accidents were caused by a variety of factors, the most common being falls from heights. At London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd, we are dedicated to ensuring all individuals participating in our courses comprehend the importance of exercising caution and adhering to safety guidelines in their line of work.

We offer intensive health and safety training courses in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and on-site nationwide. Our fully qualified instructors also provide streetwork, plant operator and EUSR courses.

Updated Ladder Standards

For those employed on construction sites, or even doing a small job at home, it’s essential to follow basic safety procedures in order to prevent serious injury to themselves or others. Since 2020, legislation regarding the standards for portable ladders has been amended and all products – either domestic or commercial – must now display the EN 131 (European) or BS EN 131 (British) stamp, and cannot carry more than 150kgs.

‍Points to Consider

‍Before you attempt to climb a ladder on-site, take the following into account:

  • Are you wearing safety equipment?
  • Do you consider yourself fit enough to climb a ladder?
  • Should you be using a platform or scaffolding instead?

As part of our health and safety training courses in London, Essex, Kent and Surrey, our instructors at London & Kent Safety Training highlight the importance of thinking before acting and taking care when working from heights. For more information about these courses, along with our streetwork, EUSR and plant operator courses, please click onto the relevant pages.

‍Be Sensible

‍Please adhere to the following rules to ensure safety procedures when using a ladder:

  • Check for overhead dangers
  • Prepare the ladder for use in advance by ensuring it’s dry and not slippy
  • Confirm you are not wearing loose clothing and check to ascertain if any part of your safety equipment is not fitted correctly
  • Position the ladder on a level surface at all times
  • Make sure a colleague is supporting the ladder at the bottom
  • If possible, secure the ladder at the top as well
  • Never overreach or stand on the top three rungs of the ladder
  • Do not allow anyone else to step onto the ladder whilst you’re using it
  • Never leave a ladder unattended, return it to its correct storage facility when finished
  • Act responsibly around a ladder at all times

Some of these points may seem obvious but it’s essential to repeat them to avoid potential hazards.

Dedicated to ensuring the safety of all individuals participating in our courses, London & Kent Safety Training has been providing health and safety training courses in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey, and on-site nationwide, for over 40 years. We also offer EUSR, streetwork and plant operator courses for those employed in the commercial sectors.

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Our health and safety, plant operator, streetwork and EUSR courses are updated regularly to remain in line with current accreditations. If required, and depending on location and travel, London & Kent Safety Training’s qualified instructors can facilitate training courses quickly but we do not conduct an emergency service.

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