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For those working in the construction industry, power tools are essential means of operation. Like a writer uses a pen or laptop, those on-site require a variety of tools to aid the construction process. Whilst the majority of us own a range of power tools we’ve bought at recognised retailers, those used in the construction industry are considerably more robust and expensive.

It’s important, therefore, to keep them safe from thieves or vandals. We instruct on the safe use, storage and transport of plant machinery in specific course modules. In this blog, we offer some tips about keeping your personal work tools secure.

Tool Safety

It’s not always possible to take your tools home or store them indoors overnight. Working away on construction sites, or the size of the items in question, leaves operatives with no choice but to keep them in their vehicles.

Providing health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork and plant operator courses in South London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide, London & Kent Safety Training suggests the following guidelines for keeping your tools safe:


‍If you keep your tools in your car or van, make sure the vehicle is fitted with a decent alarm. Modern systems can be connected to a mobile phone or operated remotely.

‍Vaults or Safes

‍In addition to the alarm, place the tools in a locked vault within your vehicle. These boxes require keys or combinations to open and are available in a range of sizes.


‍Video cameras attached to your company van will deter potential thieves or, if they’re still focused on breaking into your property, film them in the process.

‍Personal Stamps

‍Marking your tools with a permanent marker isn’t enough. Take the time to engrave your name onto the tools in question, or burn a logo for professional effect.


‍In conjunction with the placement of CCTV cameras, try to park your vehicle near security lights or under streetlamps. If possible, block access to rear doors or boots as well.

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