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How to Reduce Stress and Fatigue in the Workplace

Did you know 3 out of every 4 people consider fatigue to be a major problem within the construction industry? It’s a sector which requires skill and concentration so the idea that many workers are affected by this is concerning. Our in-house and on-site training focuses on the individual’s wellbeing, ensuring they are fully competent in their specialised areas, thus making their designated tasks more manageable.

With over 40 years in the training sector, London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd provides a range of intensive courses in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide for those working in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Haulage
  • Industrial
  • Plant
  • Transport
  • Utilities
  • Warehouse

Our curricula includes EUSR, streetwork, plant operator, and health and safety training courses.


Worker Fatigue

Without workers, we wouldn’t have construction. They are the single most important part of the industry but the nature of their work can be strenuous and stressful - factors which lead to fatigue and potential accidents.

Health Concerns
Construction workers operate in physically demanding circumstances which can take their toll over time. And the concentration required when working with particular machinery can lead to mental exhaustion.

Working Hours
Overtime or night work can interfere with the body’s natural rhythm. If commuting is added to the equation then a working day may be extended beyond recommended hours.

Operating in the following situations can add to worker fatigue:

 Inhaling hazardous materials or chemicals

 Operating in extreme temperatures

 Using vibrating machinery

 Working in noisy conditions

The Individual
Construction workers who don’t sleep enough, eat the wrong foods, or lead a generally unhealthy lifestyle will find themselves struggling with fatigue as a result of their choices.

At London & Kent Safety Training, we encourage the understanding of how to avoid fatigue and work in a productive and healthy manner. For more information about the health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork, and plant operator courses we provide in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide, please click onto the relevant pages.

Best Practice

The following are some ways in which construction workers can avoid physical and mental fatigue on the job:

Workload Management
Breaks and rest periods are essential, along with manageable schedules. Overtime should be kept to a minimum in order to promote proper sleep patterns and regular meals.

Modern Technology
Smart devices and apps can remind the wearer when to take a break or drink water, as well as monitor blood pressure, stress levels, and distance covered throughout the day.

Lead by Example
By taking an interest in the welfare of colleagues, individuals may notice if a fellow worker is suffering from fatigue. Sharing this information with the relevant parties may prevent serious illness or a potential accident on site.

Harnessing an abundance of skill-based knowledge, our qualified instructors at London & Kent Safety Training deliver our health and safety training, EUSR, streetwork, and plant operator courses at truly competitive rates on-site - in London, Essex, Kent, Surrey or nationwide - and at our NPORS and SQA accredited training centre in Aylesford. As members of a variety of trade organisations and learning skills centres, we’re dedicated to ensuring all members of the commercial industry are equipped with the knowledge to operate safely and efficiently.

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