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The Importance of On-Site Sun Protection

For those working outdoors, it’s a relief when the sun is shining and there’s a comfortable warmth in which to operate. Good weather will put a smile on anyone’s face but it’s essential we comprehend the importance of protecting ourselves against the sun’s UV rays. Even on a cloudy day, our skin isn’t fully protected so it’s important to bear that in mind. For drivers or those working behind glass, the screen isn’t an ideal barrier either.

As part of our health and safety training courses, London & Kent Safety Training AT Ltd highlights the significance of wearing safety equipment on-site. When reaching for your high-visibility clothing and hard hats, we recommend you take the time to grab the sunscreen as well.

We also provide EUSR, plant operator and streetwork courses to clients in East London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide.

Be Sensible

From late March to the end of September our bodies absorb vitamin D from the sun so there is a benefit of being outdoors. This vital vitamin regulates calcium and phosphate in our bodies, essential for maintaining healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

But that doesn’t mean you should lose the layers and expose your skin to UV rays either. Vitamin D is available in supplements but permanent damage to your skin is far more costly.

If you have any of the following features, take extra care when working outdoors:

 Light coloured skin that reddens or burns in sunlight

 Fair or red hair


 Moles and skin spots

Regardless of your skin type, it’s vital to drink plenty of water when working outdoors in warmer temperatures. Catering for all aspects of commercial work, London & Kent Safety Training provides EUSR, streetwork, plant operator, and health and safety training courses. Our instructors recommend the following procedures for our clients working outdoors in East London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide:

 Keep clothed at all times

 Cover the back of the neck

 Remain in the shade if possible, particularly during the hours of 12pm to 3pm

 Use sun protection – the higher factor the better

 Check your skin regularly for any changes in colouration and if you’re concerned about moles or spots

 Wear sunglasses if possible, bearing in mind you may have to use safety goggles as well

When wearing a hard hat on-site, you can’t guarantee your ears will be protected from the sun and your nose definitely won’t be. Like the back of your neck, make sure to apply a lot of sunscreen to these areas regularly throughout the working day.

Please contact us at London & Kent Safety Training if you have any queries relating to our courses. We provide streetwork, EUSR, plant operator, and health and safety training courses to commercial sector operatives in East London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and nationwide.


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